iPhone Wallpapers & Lock Screens

You're never fully dressed without a smile...

...And by 'smile' I mean 'Cute iPhone Lock Screen & Wallpaper'

You know that feeling when you just KNOW you don't look like a hot mess for once? 

Wait, let me start over..

You know that pep-in-your-step feeling you get when you're having a great hair day, your outfit is straight off of your Pinterest 'Dream Closet' board (and fitting in all of the right ways), Starbucks is in your freshly manicured hand, and you know if someone looked at you they might wonder if you're the 6th Pretty Little Liar..? 

That is the best. 

Now, when you go to post a pic on Instagram of how fancy you look, you'll have an adorable lock screen and wallpaper on your smartphone to really solidify just how flossy-fresh you are. Don't stop, get it get it. (Don't hate on my weird, early 2000's lingo. It's a sickness I can't break.) 

Lock Screen + Wallpaper Combos:

(Right click and save your favorites right from this post. Feel free to mix & match!) 

Thank you to the creative individuals who made these images. There are too many versions online to credit the correct source, but we appreciate you.

Which picture did you choose? Post the image or a screenshot on Instagram and tag me @InstaShannonGram I'd love to see! I'll post my favorite there. (As always use #ACreativeCulture so I can track all of your crafty posts.)