The Secret to Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh

One of my guilt pleasures is...

...Spending an entire day walking through model homes. I can take a full hour in one house soaking in the design elements, the layout of the home itself and fancy new appliances.. ahhh! But one of my absolute favorite pieces is the overwhelmingly fresh scent in every room. 

After stalking down the design team for a few of these homes I've asked, "How do you keep it smelling so fresh!?" Just to have them reveal that they change out the fresheners (in every room) weekly. I don't have the budget for 40 new fresheners a month! 

So I've created my own fresh smelling home hack: Essential Oils. 

This natural, therapeutic oil is the perfect element to fill your entire home with your favorite scent (and de-stress you in the process!)

3 Ways to use essential oils in your home:

1. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the side of your new toilet paper roll. This will fill the entire space with a beautiful, fresh smell and allow you to say goodbye to overbearing potpourri.

2. The next time you change out your air filters add some of the oil to your replacement and on the edges of the vents. In the summer this will cause the light, airy smell to waft through the house, and in the winter you can use a lovely, dessert-oriented fragrance to really pump up the Holiday spirit! 

 (^This is the scent that will be wafting out of your vents!)

(^This is the scent that will be wafting out of your vents!)

3. While cleaning the floors, shampooing the carpets or scrubbing the counters add some of those essential oils. Your home will be sparkling AND smell unbelievably fresh!

Now take a deep breath... Ahhhhhhh! 

 You can get this printable   HERE  .

You can get this printable HERE.

What is your favorite essential oil scent? What other all-natural hacks do you use essential oils for?