How to Live with Intention

Is it SERIOUSLY already August?

We are over half way through 2015.
Stores are starting to put out some of their Fall products.
My shoe subscription services are recommending October boots. What!?

Before we know it the Holidays, the extra spending, the busy schedules, the stress, and the cold weather will be upon us. I absolutely love the Fall/Winter, which is my favorite time of year (probably because that’s when my birthday is) but I’m not blind to what a BLUR it can turn our lives into. 

Almost everyone I talk to throughout the year says, “WOW this year has blown by!” or “Where has the time gone!?” This is the first year that I also feel like that. I’ve been thinking back on years passed and wondering what it was that made me feel as if I was truly in the moment. Truly living and embracing everything. It all comes down to intention.

Having had this realization, and knowing that many of you feel the same way, I’ve decided to do something about it.

I want to appreciate, relish, and heck.. even just ‘remember’ those amazing moments. Every moment big or small.

I want to make a pledge to 2015:

I will be more intentional with my time, my responsibilities and my loved ones.

I also want to set goals to accomplish by the end of the year (more on that below.)

Here are some tips on staying intentional every day:

1. Write It Loud, Write it proud

journal blog

Life will run past us at lightning speed if we don’t stop to reflect on the smaller pockets of time. I encourage you (if writing is your thing) to take some time at the end of each day to jot down the events, moments and feelings you experienced in the past 24 hours. Having an entire notebook full of your amazing 2015 moments will help keep every item precious and real.

This is also one of the biggest tools we have for growth, or for tracking it as we go along. Getting our thoughts out of our heads and onto paper makes them a bit more real (even though *typically* no one else is reading them) and helps us to realize, “Wow, maybe I could’ve handled that situation with a bit more grace.” Those moments, for me personally, are where I experience the most personal development.

2. The best way to save special moments


This is my personal favorite! I have decided to start a yearly scrapbook to commemorate all of the big events. In getting ready to locate photos from the past 7 months I sat down with a piece of paper and pen and started from January 1st, 2015, writing down every big or small happening. I found several AWESOME moments that I’d completely spaced on. Moments that reminded me of why I love spending time with that friend so much, or why eating at that hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant is my favorite. This exercise alone was worthwhile. Come hang out with me on Instagram, I’ll be posting updates of my 2015 scrapbook as I go along!

3. Make a plan and stick to it

make a plan

Yes, we only have 21 more Fridays until Christmas (Wha…!?) but that doesn’t mean we can’t finish this year STRONG and go into 2016 full of intention (and action!) Start by sitting down and thinking about each month as a whole. What birthdays, holidays, responsibilities, trips, etc. does it include? Map those out. Get a clear understanding of how long they will take, what you need to do beforehand to prepare, and what money you need to put towards it. After this, block out your time for work and family, that’s the easy part.

Now, with the remaining time in the month what personal projects can you tackle, or what hobbies can you start? Do you want to get back into your fitness? Try mapping out goals for the end of each month and take a look at the gym schedule to pick some classes to attend regularly. Do you want to take on an artistic challenge? Take a look at the cost of supplies, the locations you need to travel to, and the inspiration involved. Follow this up with calculating the time needed and then tackle it! Using this formula for any day, week, month, or year is a foolproof way to go through your month with total, clear intention. 

*Regardless of whether you’re a writer, a scrapbooker, or a Facebooker I would still suggest taking on option 3. This will benefit you no matter what!

Now, let’s talk about goals.

Goals are scary. What if I fail? What if I put it out there that I’m going to accomplish all of these great, grand, wonderful tasks and then land flat on my face?

The first part of goal setting is shucking off the self-doubt and letting yourself dream.

To feel a true sense of accomplishment it will take a lot of work and a lot of courage. Be bold and let yourself be okay with the fact that you may fall short at certain times throughout the year, but this is YOUR life seen through YOUR eyes and YOU’RE the only person who gets to make judgments about YOU. (Get it?)

Here are my goals for the remainder of 2015:
1. Participate in the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival
2. Lose the last 10 pounds
3. Become a pro at DSLR photography and actually use my camera
4. Start taking singing lessons
5. Save appropriately and have an additional $3,000 in savings account
6. Continue to work on being compassionate,  judgment-free and selflessly helpful to my loved ones.

jim elliot quote

Live from a place of intention instead of a place of habit. We are what we do, not what we say we’re going to do. It’s time for us to thrive!

I have a LOT of questions for you.

I’m dying to know:
How has your 2015 been so far? What were some of your favorite moments?
Do you plan to start being intentional with your time if you aren’t already?
Do you have additional tips on this topic?

What goals are you setting for yourself for the rest of 2015?