Fun 5 on Friday: Free Goodies + Back to School + Wine

Happy Fri-Yay! 

fun 5 on friday

I've decided to start a weekly post about some of my favorite finds of the week as inspired by my new friend Christina Tiplea over at Christina is a brilliant, funny, talented blogger with actionable and inspirational tips on living simply and enjoying every minute of it. Check out her blog and sign up to receive FREE planning printables (wee!)

Without further adieu...

1. Spiked Vanilla-Coconut Pink Iced Tea Lattes  



Can you believe these are a real thing? I'm still in shock and awe.

The ever-amazing Glitter Guide brought us this scrumdiddlyumptious (is that how you spell that?) recipe. But, It was written by Alyssa from Random Acts of Pastel and Paige from Bicyclette. Check them out!

Get the recipe here.

2. DIY Homework Command Center

Just in time to build before the kids go back to school, we have this AWESOME Homework Command Center brought to us by the creative Dawn Nicole at

I'm going to pretend I'm a parent so that I can make this for myself.. shhh! 

Get the step by step tutorial here.

3. Free Goods of the Week

Creative Market is a wondrous site for all bloggers, designers, scrapbookers, etc. They provide fonts, images, graphics, web design templates, bundle theme packs, textures, and more. Most of their items are for sale at an extremely reasonable price compared to many of their competitors. Every week they send their email subscribers 6 free goodies! It's pretty spectacular. I encourage you to sign up!

Download this week's freebies here

4. 18 tips for success from Richard Branson

This week the dynamic duo over at brought us a great source for personal development. You may have heard of the motivation master Richard Branson a time or two. Amore & Vita have put together 18 Tips For Success from the man himself. 

The fun part is that this blog is run by Michaela Blaney and Shay Mitchell (who plays Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars.) They're always releasing wanderlust-esque posts full of fun tips for travel and beauty. 

read the article here

5. and finally, this life saving quiz..

It's 3:30pm on Friday, you're dragging and looking forward to the weekend, but for the next couple of hours you need a pep in your step.. is the answer coffee or wine? HOW'S A GIRL TO KNOW? Fear no more. This quiz is here to save our lives one sip at a time.
P.s. Thanks Buzzfeed!

Take the quiz here

Thanks for stopping by our first Fun 5 on Friday! 

Which article was your favorite? Any big plans for the weekend?