Fun 5 On Friday: Featuring NEW OBSESSIONS!

Friday, I'm in love!

Favorite finds from this week.

This week I've stumbled across quite a few gems. We should call this one of the more intense 5 Fun on Fridays because every one of these has become a new (hardcore) obsession. I hope you'll obsess, grow, and enjoy with me!

1. 13 Vegan Recipes for cheese addicts

Hello my name is Shannon, and I'm a reformed cheese addict.

The brilliant, healthful masterminds behind have done it again. This gloriously cheesy resource is one of those new obsessions I mentioned above. I want to make all of these.. all the time.. in my face.. cheeeese.. what was I talking about?

Check out the recipes and try a few HERE.


2. Rotary phone succulent planter

AKA the cutest thing since that squeaking baby sloth video.

This awesome craft is brought to us by none other than Miss Jenni Radosevich, one of my DIY/Craft idols. Jenni heads up I Spy DIY and provides inspired projects each week. She is also the author of I Spy DIY Style and has been featured on The Martha Stewart Show, Rachel Ray Show,, The Today Show, Wall Street Journal and InStyle magazine.. WOW! 

Dive right into this DIY Project HERE.


3. Free iphone photography toolkit

I found this resource through Kat Lee's How They Blog podcast. Bloggers, check her out!

David Molnar is a Celebrity, Music and Advertising Photographer as well as an Author and proud Blue Vneck Wearer. He's built a dual career in both photographing others AND teaching individuals how to photograph. He's making waves with his attention to, and understanding of, improving your iPhone photography. Now, you can download his FREE eBook which is an all encompassing guide to rocking photography with only your iPhone. 

Download the free eBook here.


4. Be radically more human

I have slowly but surely fallen (deeply) in love with Maxie McCoy!

Maxie is the spiritually driven, soul-on-fire, bright energy source behind her personal brand Maxie. She turns out regular posts that are so richly divine yet easily digestible. With incredible content and an even better mission, landing on Maxie's site is sure to bring some light to your life. I am particularly enjoying one of her recent articles 'Be Radically More Human- My Ways and Tiny Tricks' it's a great reminder for us all. 

Become radically more human HERE.


5. Artist Alina Baraz

Brace yourself for your new spirit animal - Alina Baraz.

On Monday I discovered Alina Baraz through Pandora and have since listened to all of her songs roughlyyy.. 13 billion times on repeat. (My nearby coworkers must hate me.) Her music is calming, magical, deep, poetic and straight up rad. You know that passionate feeling you got when first listening to Stop and Stare by One Republic? How you wanted to suddenly burst into emotional, lyrical dancing? Yeah, this is like that. The song above is one of my favorites. Follow her on Twitter HERE. Or search her on Youtube.

You can pour through her Souncloud HERE.

(Scroll down.. bonus below!)

That wraps up this week's Fun 5 on Friday, but I wanted to give you another bonus since this week's all about my latest obsessions. 

**BONUS** If you're a Netflix user look up the show The 100 and enjoy your binge watching. This show is a post-apocalyptic, dystopian story which follows a band of (extremely lovable and badass) delinquents. Think LOST met Hunger Games and they had a baby with a little help from The Vampire Diaries. 

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Which of these Fun 5 on Friday links spoke the most to you? Do you have any gems to share with us? Share in the comments below!

ALSO if you do start watching The 100 please come back here and tell me what you think! I am addicted and want to chat about everything.