Natural Look: Strobing Makeup Effect

Move over contouring.. strobing's here to stay

Raise your hand if you've tried a full face contour (similar to that of the Kardashian Klan.)
Now lower your hand if you've totally nailed this contour/highlight process.
..All hands still up? I see. 

Contouring is hard! It came in like a wrecking ball and said,

"Hey YOU! Your simple bronzer and blush won't cut it anymore. You need 6 products, 12 brushes, and 3 hours to get ready OR ELSE your face is going to look wide and round."

..and we all *screamed in terror* and ran out to buy a bunch of products we don't need.

Now, 'strobing' is here to save the day. Strobing is a newer makeup effect that involves solely highlighting your natural bone structure, in the right places, in order to add the desired dimension to your face WITHOUT looking cakey. This more natural look is great for day OR evening wear and will give you that glowing, dewy look. 

Here's how to achieve the strobing look:

strobing makeup

It's an easy 3 step process

1. Moisturize: With a freshly washed face, moisturize with a light, non-oily lotion. (Or use your favorite primer if this is your go-to.)

2. Makeup: Apply your eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara and concealer/cover up. You want to take this time to do your usual, basic routine. Make sure to do these steps in this order so that your moisturizer has maximum time to soak into your skin. 

3. Strobing: Take a few "blots" of lotion and dab them across your cheek bones, brow bones, along your nose, and on the center of your chin. Lightly massage the dabs of lotion together. You want this to be an extremely light process. A light amount of lotion and light dabbing. With these moist areas apply your highlighter generously. 

The Products I use

I moisturize my face with Cetaphil's daily moisturizer. I like this because it's light weight and doesn't make my face too oily throughout the day (I am a natural born oil slick.) After I do my full face of makeup (If you're interested in any of those products - which are a mix between department and drugstore - let me know in the comments below and I'll get a post together and link you to it) I will use my Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream to do the dabbing. Following this, I use Mac's Lightscapade Mineralizing Skinfinish for the strobing makeup effect.

Any lotion or highlighting product will work great. You can purchase these items for a total of roughly $8.00 at the drugstore and get a very similar effect. 

Do you currently use the strobing makeup effect? Does this look fit your style better?

Any products you use that create a flawless 'strobing'?