How to Get Over a Break Up

So.. it's over.

Just saying that is hurtful.. or is it helpful? Every song reminds you of your ex, you swear you see them in crowds of people and you have to actively restrain yourself from social media stalking.. Breakups suck!

how to get over a break up

Whether we’re talking about breakups, or facing the reality of a one-sided romance, it is painful. So much so that it disrupts our normal flow of experiences, causing us to not function normally.

The number one thing to remember:

'Single' does NOT have to mean 'broken.'

Here are tips for getting over a breakup fast (and ending up totally confident + free!)

1. Do it for YOU 

The first thing you need to remember, before diving into any of these steps, is to do this for YOURSELF. When it's quiet / you don't have to pretend for your friends and family and you're left with your thoughts.. your ex is there, right? (In your mind, that is.)

Slowly but surely make an effort to ruminate on other aspects of your life that you're proud of or excited for. You're amazing. This is for the best.

Now I'm going to get really blunt with you..


Buying a new outfit, dying your hair, attending a party, tweeting ridiculous things, dating someone new. Did you REALLY want any of that? If the answer is even a slight 'No' then it's time to start living for yourself and not another person. 

2. Exercise and Healthy Eating

This person doesn't get to spend their life with you, but you know who does.. YOU. Take care of yourself. Make yourself proud. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a killer booty next time you try on that little black dress!

I think you'll find that investing your time and energy into a fun, new workout + your latest cooking adventure, will help with all areas. (For a fresh, easy recipe try this.)

3. Stay Busy, Stay Productive

What's something you've always wanted to do? What's a project you've wanted to tackle? Who haven't you caught up with in a while? Dive in.

Now is the time to continue building your beautiful, multi-faceted life.

Keeping yourself motivated and focused is a sure-fire way to realize how VERY spectacular you are.

I suggest: Joining a new group via, joining a local adult sports team (something easy-going like kickball or beach volleyball!),  or signing up for a  class at the community college.

4. Redecorate

Even if you and your ex didn't live together I encourage you to spruce up your living space.. and better yet do a little purging! With a clean, fresh, dynamic home you'll have a newfound pep in your step + passion for your belongings, and the life you've built for yourself.

how to get over a break up

5. Self Medicate.. With Love

Treat yo self! That book you've always wanted to read.. it's time to hit up Barnes & Noble.

That gorgeous lipstick you've always thought might be a bit too bold.. Sephora is calling!

Take this time to get to know yourself better, try new things and fully live! *Remember- Leave the booze out of the picture. That is only going to further upset you, add unwanted calories to the party, take away your filter and put a magnifying glass on everything you're dealing with. Crying in public was not on our to-do list today.

how to get over a break up

Are you currently going through a break up? What is helping you? Do you have any break up horror stories OR inspirations to help someone else? Share them below!