about us

At Creative Culture, we believe in the power of storytelling to showcase the journeys and talents of emerging creatives across various disciplines. We are independent filmmakers, driven by a shared passion for bringing these stories to life.

Through our short films, we aim to celebrate the diversity and innovation within the artistic community, shedding light on the often unseen narratives behind the work of artists, musicians, dancers, designers, chefs, architects, fashion designers, photographers and beyond.

Sponsors & Collaborators
Sponsors & Collaborators

Our Team

Tim Lewis 
Lilly Cooper
Justin Mcdowel
Maddie Lee

What We Do

Talent Agency

We have spent years developing a reputable roster of artists.

Tour Management

We have vastly experienced in-house tour managers.

Media & PR

We work with affiliated PR and media agencies.


We provide a full tour merchandising service, print and distribution.

Event Bookings

We have vastly experienced in-house tour managers

Legal Advice

If needed, all our artists are offered confidential legal advice.