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My studio and the artistic work, are for me both a homely and foreign space, in which I seek a visual translation of the inner human world. I use expressive and diverse materials with images from my surroundings, to explore their psychological state and I find myself  surprised time and again.From an obsessive occupation with fragile materials, such as webs and dissimilating objects, to building web walls and rooms, I have been working lately with traditional oil painting and collage creating a language of “multiplicity”. As a response to the multiplicity of stimuli of our times, I dive into the stormy "multiplicity" within me, translating it to lines, spots, rhythms, and colors, in which I seek meaning. In the recurring preoccupation with images from the homely routine,  I challenge the concept of homeliness as protective and warm, while engaging in the contrast between abundance and lack, beauty and alienation.