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Maya Bloch paints predominantly monochrome figure paintings using graphite, gesso and color pencil on canvas. Her work represents haunting and melting dream-like scenes, that seem to play out on and at the peripheries of family gatherings long since passed. Bloch artistic style is led by the urge to "ruin" the characters she paints. Basing her paintings on her immense collection of old family photos (not hers) she believes that by trying to paint something from reality and translating it "wrongly" it breeds another reality, the reality of painting. She is drawn into the photographs’ unusual happening and spiritual moments frozen in time, translating them into a painting while discovering things that could not have existed in the photos and that can only be born in the painting. She tends to "erase" the humanity from her subject matters as their parts bleed in and out of recognition, answering the need to minimize her own presence in creating the works, melting inside and disappearing. The state of being unclear with herself is what keeps her going and painting the next painting.