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Navot Miller’s work focuses on intimate interactions and on the queer aspects of banal, uneventful encounters. Throughout his life, Miller has been fascinated by visuals and sound as a way of expressing ideas and exploring topics such as sexuality, religion and desire. Using the practice of opposite and contrasting colors as a form of painting and the aesthetic of collaging short videos, Miller creates montages of scenes into paper, canvas and videos while juxtaposing tragedy and positivity. Primarily working with oil and water based paint, he engages with flatness as a way to create senses of still drama and voyeurism in his works. He pays close attention to the figurative form of objects he considers as a muse and to the sense of space curated by multiple layers collaged together. Navot Miller (b. 1991, Israel) lives and works in Berlin. He received his BFA from Weissensee Art School, Berlin. Recent exhibitions include Eurovision, Yossi Milo, New York (2023); Coming Back Homo, 1969 Gallery, New York (2022); Everyone I’ve Ever Known, Elektrohalle Rhomberg, Salzburg, Austria (2021); Chronicles 3, Droste Gallery, Berlin (2021); Misa Discoveries, König Gallery, Berlin (2021); Paper, BEERS, London (2022); A Pink John Deere, Wannsee Contemporary, Berlin (2022); Ojiri Gallery, London (2022); Colourful, homo, great, Weserhalle Gallery, Berlin (2022); Alex & Philippe & Willi & Zach, Grove Collective, London (2022); Come out and Play, BEERS Gallery, London; and Coming Back Homo, 1969 Gallery, New York (2022).