The Fly

In this revealing interview with artist Itzik Mevorah, he shares the profound significance of his art, shaped by personal experiences and a journey of self-discovery. Mevorah's studio, situated in a bomb shelter, becomes a unique space for him to absorb, express, and live through his creations. He reflects on his artistic evolution into the realm of neo-pop or pop art, characterized by vibrant colors even when addressing weighty subjects. The recurring motif of the fly, symbolizing survival in adversity, reflects Mevorah's resilience and creative choices. He opens up about the emotional connection to his father's wartime tragedy, which ignited his artistic journey as a form of healing. The artist discusses the challenges of creating for both adults and children, emphasizing the unique insights gained from the unfiltered reactions of younger audiences. The interview also explores Mevorah's personal connection to his sculptures, particularly those reminiscent of family members.  Mevorah's need to visit the beach regularly for inspiration and mental development reveals the deep connection between nature and his creative process. Overall, this interview provides a glimpse into Itzik Mevorah's artistic world, inviting viewers to explore the emotional depths and inspirations that fuel his unique creations.

Director and Editor Dan Ratsaby Cinematographer Yehonatan Valtser
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